You can look forward to a fantastic breakfast buffet and the world’s best weekend brunch. A restaurant serving delicacies from the Swedish west coast and the American east coast, and a restaurant where Scandinavian produce flirts with flavours from Japan. At the Clarion Post Hotel, we eat good food simply. This page has links to our restaurants. Visit these pages to check out our menus, book a table and read more about the hotel’s selection of gastronomic delights.


The vRA captures the unique sense of craftsmanship in raw cuisine – and the spotlight is very much on the unique style of Swedish sushi. There is a selection of seasonal raw produce and diners are offered a choice of delicious menus for a gastronomic experience that is simply out of the ordinary. A visit to the magic parla is a must, according to Livets Goda, one of Sweden’s 15 best restaurants for 2018.



Norda is a green oasis with beautiful Art Deco influences. Welcome to a restaurant where you will not just eat food that is locally sourced and organic, but you will be treated to a cuisine created by a chef who borrows influences from Manhattan and its vibrant melting pot of flavours and culinary inputs. If you would like to experience social dining at its very best, step into the Norda’s beautiful Swedish farmhouse



The gorgeous Bon Bon Bar will transport you from the 1920s right up to the present day and beyond. Here you will find the world’s best bartender Dosa Ivanov preparing cocktails, with delicate sweets created by Sweden’s best pastry chef Patrik Fredriksson. The Bon Bon Bar offers a selection of specially prepared cocktails, champagne and caviar.



“Terrassen” is our spacious outdoor terrace located at the front of the hotel. This delightful place basks in the summer sun for the long hours of daylight from May to September. During the long summer months, you can eat lunch and dinner out here on the terrace and enjoy a glass of wine while soaking up the lively pulse of the city from Drottningtorget, which has 100,000 visitors every day. You can check out the menu for the outdoor terrace on Norda’s website. The restaurant offers an impressive selection of beers, wines and other drinks.


The Post Bar or Postbaren, as we often call it, is the place where, for the past 6 years, we have been looking after people like yourself who come here to enjoy a drink with friends at the end of a long week. Our Post Work has been immensely popular over the years. You will often see performing artists, magicians, jugglers and talented cooks at work here. When it is warm outside, we move out onto the terrace, and during the winter months we offer plenty of good prices and a cosy indoor setting in our new renovated bar.


We are very proud of the fact that we have our very own patisserie, which is quite unique in the hotel world. We have four expert pastry chefs who bake everything from hamburgerbröd (hamburger rolls) and the restaurant’s kuvertbröd (Swedish dinner rolls) to special conference cakes. The patisserie is able to produce anything up to 2500 cakes for a busy conference week to give our conference guests a boost of energy and to keep their stomachs happy during the event.