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Everyone has to take responsibility and as we see it, it is important for us as a big player, that we are responsible for our imprints and that these remain green and as small as possible. Through the UN’s climate goals, we set goals and demands on ourselves so that we can contribute and be part of the future.

Ingen fattigdom – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to improve the quality of life?
The focus for Objective 1 is mainly on working locally for residents in Gothenburg. For example, our annual activity Lonely Christmas Tree. During Christmas, we collect lots of Christmas presents with our guests and visitors, and these are then donated to Faktum-sellers children and grandchildren. Sometimes even to more organizations in need. Here is an incredible goodwill of the town’s residents that we witness year after year.

We also donate lost clothes to Faktum or Räddningsmissionen. If we can donate clothes, money can be saved and used for other basic needs

Ingen hunger – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to reduce hunger?
Our contribution is that we donate food that is left over from our conferences. The food can, for example, be sandwiches and fig breads and we have understood that very much. Every year we also organize a large free Christmas table for all Faktum-sellers in Götbeorg.
Vendors may also invite their closest family to this evening. If the food is left over from the Christmas table, this is packed into small goodie bags.

God hälsa och välbefinnande – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to improve health and well-being?
For many years, the hotel has zero tolerance for drugs and other substances among our employees. During work hours, smoking bans also apply. All our employees are also covered by health insurance where there is the possibility of therapy, coaching and ergonomic help. Our staff also receive SEK 1500 in health care allowance every year and there is the opportunity for group training, yoga and meditation during working hours.

An annual recurring activity is also a pulse for UNICEF where our employees are motivated to exercise 30 minutes a day. An added bonus is that all training is converted for a period of time into money donated to UNICEF. A true dual issue of heart.

God hälsa och välbefinnande – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to contribute to a good education?
We recently celebrated the start of our new hotel training, where we formed a new fine collaboration between Realgymnasiet and Nordic Choice Hotels, the group we are part of. Now we have welcomed our first 20 fantastic students and future colleagues and these are not the last. The students educate at the hotel about safety, fire, leadership and service. Internal training is also conducted in Swedish.
Our staff at the hotel also sit on the boards of education councils for upper secondary and vocational colleges to ensure competence and quality of hotel education in the future.

Jämställdhet – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to achieve equality?
We have a gender equality plan at the hotel and we use a salary survey to reduce income gaps among staff. We have a management team that currently consists of 80% women, and we research attentive ruling techniques and provide training on how the technology can be handled if it emerges.
A key issue is also to reduce and prevent trafficking of women and girls through a collaboration with Stars 4 Real. We also offer space for conferences at the hotel where these issues can be discussed.
Räddningsmissionen has a lecture every year at the hotel about gender equality and the staff are trained to see / know how they act when detecting human trafficking.

Rent vatten och sanitet för alla – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do for clean water and sanitation?
Here we do not use chemicals to prevent the spread of water. When we clean, we use ultra-pure ozone water, H2O2, instead of chemicals containing chemicals. We constantly strive to use only so-called “green” chemicals, those that are classified as good and safe and use only a few “red” chemicals ”.
The cleaning department in turn has no red chemicals at all and we have clear guidelines on what to buy.

To reduce water use, flushing showers, taps and toilets have been installed throughout the building. The faucets on public toilets in the hotel now draw 1.3 liters of water per minute compared to conventional taps that can draw around 10 liters per minute

Hållbar energi för alla – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do for sustainable energy use?
All electricity used in the hotel is 100% renewable and comes from Green energy. We use district heating and district cooling for heating and cooling. Biogas is used in the kitchen instead of natural gas and we cooperate with Gothenburg energy by providing the garbage that arises for combustion for new energy.
We also work actively to recover energy, heat that comes from refrigeration plants or the ventilation is used for other parts and activities of the hotel. Our lighting goes on a time loop, for example when the bar is not open and in the middle of the day it is not as much strength in the lamps as it is in the evening.

Anständiga arbetsvillkor och ekonomisk tillväxt- Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for decent working conditions?

Here we are still working on our goals and looking at how we can contribute.

Hållbar industri, innovationer och infrastruktur – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for sustainable industrys

Here we are still working on our goals and looking at how we can contribute.

Minskad ojämlikhet – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do to reduce inequality?
We are very positive about diversity and employ our staff completely regardless of origin, sexual orientation, gender, functional variation or age. We actively employ new arrivals to integrate into the business and we believe that diversity can contribute to our own understanding and increased awareness of our guests. Together we can speak many languages ​​and in this way give the guest greater security. As a chain (Clarion Hotel) we are very involved in Pride and also stand as co-organizer and sponsor.
Many of our staff attend Pride every year to show our support and many of the participants in the parade and around the event live to our great delight in our hotel.

Hållbara städer och samhällen – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do for Gothenburg?
In the middle of the hotel, on the roof, we have our Urban Garden, a roof garden that will contribute to a greener city. This is because we handle waste so that it does not burden Gothenburg locally. Instead, we can recycle and reuse. We ensure that all deliveries to the restaurants are coordinated and all departments receive delivery at the same time so that the transport does not have to travel back and forth. This, in turn, helps to reduce emissions and improve air quality. When traveling on staff, trains are mainly used and we try to keep a limit on how much staff can fly.

Hållbar konsumtion och produktion – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for sustainable consumption?
All disposable plastic such as cutlery, straws & mugs will disappear in favor of better materials. If we have disposable materials, this should be compostable & degradable. Clarion Post is ISO certified according to ISO 14001 and breakfast is KRAV certified. All fish used are MSC-labeled and all foods are palm oil-free or certified palm oil. We try to handle food waste balnd other by using smaller plates, especially at breakfast.

Since April 1, 2019, all conferences have vegetarian lunches to reduce the organic footprint and restaurants buy Ugly greens, ie vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Bekämpa klimatförändringarna – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for decent working conditions?

Here we are still working on our goals and looking at how we can contribute.

Hav och marina resurser – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do for sea and marine resources?
Reducing plastic usage at the hotel is important to us and during continuous processing, it also has positive effects on the state of the sea. Our restaurants do not buy any red-listed fish to promote fishing conditions. We are always careful about garbage sorting to make sure that nothing ends up in the sea that should not be there, since we also do not use chemicals, this helps to improve the condition of the sea.

The staff has occasionally traveled to the coast to clean and clean up the coasts. The hotel has arranged projects with school classes to let the children explore and learn what steps can be taken to improve the seas.

Ekosystem och biologisk mångfald – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What we do for ecosystems and biodiversity?
Every year, the gala The perfect world is held where money is raised to support and improve the standard of living of various animal species and the ecosystems that exist. Clarion’s role in this project is as co-organizer of the gala to enable the collection of money.

Clarion has also owned a rainforest to preserve it, which is again owned by the Regnskogsfonden

Fredliga och inkluderande samhällen – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for decent working conditions?

Here we are still working on our goals and looking at how we can contribute.

Genomförande och globalt partnerskap – Clarion Hotel Post – Klimatmål – Agenda 2030


What do we do for decent working conditions?

Here we are still working on our goals and looking at how we can contribute.

Globala målen – Clarion Hotel Post

Future sustainability projects for us

● Grow more themselves and buy more locally produced food
● Buy more fish grown in an aquaponics system and own fishing boat.
● Buying Bokashi, a composting machine and using fertilizer in crops
● 100% recyclable material in staff work clothes
● The hotel rooms should still be more economical with water and to reuse the shower water
● To communicate sustainability work to our guests through information
● To do a project together with PLAN international for safer cities through safe areas
● Acquire insect hotels and beehives for growing honey.